Rabbi Dates

Shape: Long
Size: 4-5 cm
Color: Blackish Brown
Type: Semi-dry
Weight: 8-10 gr
Planting Place: Sistan and Baluchistan province
Storage Conditions: cool and dry place (below 150C)

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    Badami PistachioKalleh Ghouchi PistachioAhmad Aghaei PistachioAkbari PistachioFandoghi PistachioSlivered PistachioGreen Kernel PistachioPistachio PasteKaal Pistachio Kernel (Early Picked Pistachio)Green Pistachio Kernel PowderGreen Peeled Pistachio KernelChopped PistachioNormal Pistachio PowderNormal Pistachio Kernel








    Rabbi dates, renowned in both domestic and international markets, boast a delectable and luscious flavor. However, owing to their high vulnerability and susceptibility, these dates undergo a natural ripening process on the palm, resulting in an abundance of natural sugars and minerals. Subsequently, the dates cluster is carefully separated along with its protective cover before being sent to the factory for washing and storage.




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