Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is greater and thicker than Fandoghi Pistachio and has an incredible taste. This sort of pistachio is the most well-known.

The motivation behind why it is mainstream than the other kind of pistachio is its lightest shell tone.

The shade of the Pistachio shell usually is soft cream. Be that as it may, Ahmad aghaie shell is more brilliant than different kinds.


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    Things you Need to Know about Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

    Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is larger and thicker than Fandoghi Pistachio and boasts an incredible taste. This type of pistachio is the most popular and best-seller pistachio. The reason of its popularity is its lightest shell tone. The shell color of the Pistachio is usually a soft cream. However, Ahmad Aghaei’s shell is brighter than other types of pisatchio.

    This type of pistachio is an excellent source of healthy fats, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and various nutrients, including vitamin B6 and potassium, therefore production of this variety is increasing.

    This type is particularly popular in Eastern Asia, specifically China and India.

    ahmad aghaei

    Exporting Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

    Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is one of the most popular Iranian pistachio cultivars for export, having gained many buyers worldwide due to its high quality.

    As you know, due to Iran’s geographical location and unique climate, Iran has been able to produce the finest types of pistachios, which is why this product has gained this global position. There are no comparable pistachios around the world that can compete with this type of pistachio.

    Ahmad Aghaei is one of the top cultivars that we currently export to various countries like India, Turkey, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, China, etc., also known as long pistachio in the global market.

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    We can call the cities of Rafsanjan and Sarvestan the centers of production for Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. A small shell and exceptional taste are the highlights of such pistachio.

    Additionally, this type of pistachio, with its attractive appearance, all-white shell, and colorful embryo, has been able to attract many customers worldwide simply because of its appearance.

    ahmad aghaei pistachios

    Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio Pricing

    One of the significant factors for foreign traders in any trade is the cost of the product. This also applies to buying and selling Ahmad Aghaei pistachios.

    Moreover, traders are looking for reasonable prices when making deals. The key thing for foreign traders is to know the exact price of the product. Therefore, they should check the price of this product regularly.

    The reason for checking prices daily can be explained by how, for example, the price of raw Ahmad Aghaei pistachios will not be the same as roasted pistachios, or Ahmad Aghaei pistachios produced in Rafsanjan are not the same as those produced in Sarvestan. In another example, we can say: the price of organic pistachios is higher than conventional pistachios.

    Therefore, foreign traders can choose one of these according to their needs and budget.

    Tips on Trading Ahmad Aghaei Pistachios

    Since Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are exported to different countries, paying attention to specific points can help traders and buyers. For instance, one thing to consider is the method of product packaging.

    It is advisable to discuss this with the buyer so that the buyer can choose the product packaging method. For example, regarding the packaging of this product, we can mention the following three things:

    • Bulk packaging
    • Small packages for trade
    • Packaging based on customer needs and standards in the buyer’s country

    ahmad aghaeiahmad aghaei

    In addition to the mentioned points, in negotiations between exporters of this product and foreign traders, the type of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio should be decided. For instance, it should be noted whether pistachios are raw or roasted. This will be determined by the customer’s needs.

    Another important aspect for traders is the method of delivery of the purchased product. Pistachio exporters should be able to deliver the item to the destination according to the customer’s assessment and establish a good market for themselves.

    Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio Tree Profile

    • It has moderate to large growth potential.
    • Tree height is 309 cm (medium height), and tree canopy width is 394 cm.
    • The flowering date is 10th April, and the flowering stage is 16th April, with the flowering period lasting 13 days.

    Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio Fruit Profile

    • Green skin color when ripe
    • The fresh weight of the fruit with green skin is 56.89 grams.
    • The fresh weight of non-green skin was 34.74 grams
    • Dry weight 1.22 grams, green skin weight 22.22 grams (highest green weight among cultivars)
    • Length 20.48 mm, Width 12.62 mm.

    Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is popular both abroad and in the domestic market. Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, in combination with Kallle ghouchi pistachios, make an excellent blend for tasty and attractive nuts.

    Another type of pistachio with smaller grains and a good, healthy, and delicious kernel is also used in industries such as confectionery shops and ice cream. The main use of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio does not end here. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is perfectly suitable for preparing pistachio slices due to its excellent elongation.

    ahmad aghaei trees

    Benefits of Pistachio for Hair

    Pistachio has numerous benefits for hair. Here are some examples for you:

    • Stimulate hair growth: Pistachio stimulates healthy hair growth due to the presence of unsaturated fats.
    • Hair Strengthening: Pistachio is a natural treatment for strengthening and treating hair.
    • Increase hair flexibility: Using a pistachio hair mask can nourish and moisturize the hair. Overall, it improves the texture of the hair. Also suitable for damaged and dry hair.
    • Hair loss treatment: Pistachio contains a lot of biotin. Daily consumption of these nuts can effectively reduce hair loss.

    Shelf Life: The best time is one year after the production date.

    Store them at room temperature in a room with good air ventilation and free from dust. However, in our professional opinion, it is best to keep them in the refrigerator, which is cool (under 5 degrees Celsius) and dry with proper air ventilation.




    Opens naturally


    Raw, Roasted, and with salt



    Total size

    22-25, 24-28, 26-27, 29-30, 30-33

    Regular size

    26-29, 28-31


    For raw pistachio


    For Roasted & Salted pistachio


    Shelf Life and Storage Condition

    24 months, Put it in a cool and dry place, not in front of sunlight

    Harvesting time

    September & November

    Chemical/Artificial Additives

    No, natural and healthy, Without GMO and Gluten

    Type of packing in bulk

    10kg, 25kg, 50kg bags

    Packing for the market

    from 100g to 1000g

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