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About Us

Form the ancient Persia till today, our country has been the leading producer of nuts in general and pistachios in particular. َ
As a family business, Hiva Bazargan Pars Co.- which is a member of the Iranian Pistachio Association (IPA) – has been an active company in our country’s nuts field for more than 50 years. Currently, our focus is on exporting Iranian pistachios.

We take pride in being able to adopt ourselves to international pistachio producing standards. Our trained and highly qualified staff is dedicated to constant and everlasting efforts to provide our customers with the best pistachio quality at a very competitive price. Our automated pistachio complex is unique and efficient with specific lines for silvered pistachios, pealed pistachios, European style roasted pistachios and pistachio paste. Each line has its own automated packaging system.

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We offer a wide range of pistachios from different areas of Iran including Kerman, Damghan and Ghazvin. We have access to all fields of pistachios across our country. Our field staff is specialized in negotiating and finding the best pistachios available. You will be amazed by knowing how carefully we have selected our pistachios.

Due to more than a half century experience in Iranian nuts producing in general, and pistachio producing in particular, we are able to sell our products directly to our customers without any interference by any there between. No middlemen whatsoever. Please be assured that we care about your needs and are ready to fulfill them.

Our pistachios have the best quality. We happen to believe that the best way to run a business is straight forwardness. No gimmicks. No hidden facts.

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We currently are exporting pistachio products to countries such as Canada, United Arab Emeritus, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Syria and Yemen.


Due to more than a half century experience in Iranian nuts OUR OUTLOOK is :
Quality, variety, honesty and integrity.


We offer a variety of pistachios such as Fandoghi pistachios, Kaleh Ghouchi pistachios, Ahmad Aghai pistachios, Akbari pistachios and Badami pistachios

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction with a sincere belief that