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Buying pistachio from Iran lets you taste its special taste. For a long time, consumers all over the world have preferred the taste of Iran pistachios to all other types of pistachios. Each of the four Iranian pistachio cultivars has a unique and special taste. Some producers even make pistachio powder or slices with a combination of all four varieties of Iranian pistachios.

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Pistachio is known as a healthy and nutritious natural nut. Pistachio is one of the delicious and popular nuts that can be eaten raw, roasted, and flavored with lemon taste and salt.

 It is eaten with other dried fruits, or nuts such as hazelnuts and walnuts. In the first century AD, pistachios were introduced as nuts with high nutritional value, and their consumption was very popular among the royal people. You may also be interested to know that pistachios, besides their wonderful taste, have a high nutritional value.

 By buying pistachio and eating 100 grams of pistachios, you can get 20 grams of protein, 130 milligrams of calcium, 950 milligrams of potassium, 15 grams of carbohydrates, 230 units of vitamin A, 7 milligrams of vitamin B1, and 7.5 milligrams of iron. 

This volume of nutrients in pistachios has made it one of the most valuable foods available.

The benefits of buying pistachio from IRAN

The kernels of Iranian pistachios are taller than their shells. This means that compared to other pistachios, Iranian pistachios kernels weigh more than their shells.

Iranian pistachios can be roasted. The content of unsaturated oil in Iranian pistachios is higher than other types of pistachios, so Iranian pistachios have a higher capacity for roasting.

 Iranian pistachios can be heated between 160 and 180 degrees Celsius. This amount of roasting gives the pistachio a unique taste while destroying any bacteria.

 Pistachios from other countries can usually not be heated to over 120 degrees Celsius. This makes them unique, and it has many advantages that other types of pistachios do not have.

iranian pistachio

Buying pistachio from Iran lets you taste its special taste. For a long time, consumers all over the world have preferred the taste of Iranian pistachios to all other types of pistachios. Each of the four Iranian pistachio cultivars has a unique and special taste.

 Some producers even make pistachio powder or slices with a combination of all four varieties of Iranian pistachios, which give a unique taste to foods and snacks

Buying pistachio's different types

fandoghi pistachio

Fandoghi (Round) Pistachio

Fandoghi (Round) pistachio has a spherical and hazelnut-like appearance. Its size is smaller compared to other types of pistachios. It is called economic pistachio.

 Because it is small pistachio, its number is one kilogram more than other pistachios. Therefore, it is an economical nut to buy. For buying pistachio it is recommended to choose the best kind of hazelnut pistachio.

Badami (Almond like) Pistachio

Badami (Almond like) Pistachio is another type of pistachio which is categorized based on its appearance. The main cultivar of this category is the Zarand almond pistachio, which, as its name suggests, has its roots in the Zarand city of Kerman.

It is said that the cultivation of this type of pistachio, which has an elongated and almond-shaped appearance, is now more in Khorasan than anywhere else in Iran. But Kerman and Yazd also cultivate this type of pistachio.

badami pistachios
Akbari (Extra-long) Pistachio

Akbari (Extra-long) Pistachio

Akbari (Extra-long) Pistachio is high-level pistachio. Like Ahmad Aghaee pistachio, it is stretched, but it is bigger and longer than that.

The mouth of this type of pistachio is more open than Ahmad Aghaee, and it is open on both sides. It has earned the title of two smiles and pay more for buying pistachio of this type.

Ahmad Aghaei (long) Pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei (long) Pistachio has a larger size than hazelnut pistachio. It is the most delicious kind of pistachio and it is the best option for buying pistachio nuts.

 It is famous for its beautiful pistachio because of the whiteness of the shell, and the redness of the kernel. It is the most popular kind of pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei (long) Pistachio
Green kernel and peeled Pistachio

Green kernel and peeled Pistachio

In this type of pistachio, there is no outer skin of the kernel, which is mostly red. Approximately 90% of the production of this type of green kernel is used for export.

This type of kernel is relatively high in price because it has the best pistachio kernel in terms of its degree of greenness and taste. The greener the pistachio is, the higher the quality will be.

This pistachio kernel is mostly exported to France, Italy, and Germany. One of the reasons for the popularity of this kernel is its very rich green color, while its shell is white. The green color nut is more beautiful than other nuts and is used in confectionery and for decoration.

 Also, the greener the pistachio kernel, the more protein it has and the less fat it has. Their unique texture and colors make pistachios popular as it is used to make salads and food of populous countries. In addition to sweets, they are also frequently used in desserts.

 For buying pistachios you can order them in different forms. You can eat them with or without salt and raw. You can even cover them with candy. For those who like buying pistachios without shells to avoid contact with the shells.

pistachio paste

Buying pistachio paste is recommended. Because of the epidemic diseases, nowadays everyone seeks for healthy diets. 

Pistachio paste is a good choice for breakfast, but you can also eat it with other meals and eat it as a snack during the day. Pistachios are full of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Pistachio paste is maintained when the pistachios are grinning and roasted raw pistachios with sugar and also adding some flavorings such as cardamom.

 Usually, a combination of 80% of pistachio kernels with a closed mouth and 20% of sugar and vanilla is used to prepare pistachio paste.

The important tips when buying Pistachios

Choosing and buying pistachios that are roasted is more difficult than raw ones. Pistachios are divided into different types in terms of processing:

Simple roasted pistachio: It is pistachio that is only roasted and has no salt or additives. The taste is just the taste of pistachio kernels themselves.

Roasted and salty pistachios: It is pistachio that has only been salted when roasting.

Spicy pistachios: Pistachio spices are used to flavor it. Salt, lemon essence, saffron, vinegar, lemon juice, and even thyme are some of these spices. The hard shell of spicy roasted pistachios is salty and sour.


However, although spicy pistachios are very tasty, the healthiest type of pistachio is usually roasted without additives.

You can purchase pistachios in different volumes both bulk and packages. Therefore, it is highly recommended to purchase from well-known nut stores. Pistachio shell color should be clean and stainless. Pistachio kernels mustn’t be moldy.

High-quality pistachios are whether completely opened or smiling on one side. Buying pistachios with cracks in the body is not recommended.

If you can find numerous closed pistachios in your package, it is not good to buy. Being closed shows the immaturity of the pistachios. If it is ripe, there is a crack on one side.

The inside part of the pistachio kernel should be in these colors: purple, gray, or red, brown to purple, depending on the pistachio type. The pistachio kernels’ colors are various and they can be yellow or light green, and dark green. The greener pistachio kernels have better tastes as well. Delicious and tasty kernels are healthy and the bitter ones are spoiled.

If you touched the pistachio kernel and found out it is soft, it shows that it is old and it was stored in a damp place. It is not recommended to purchase dry or wrinkled pistachio kernels.

Buying pistachios that are colored are not right as the color is not natural and it is done to cover the stains.