flavored pistachios

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flavored pistachios

flavored pistachios

Flavored pistachios is one of the primary products of pistachio. Its sales in the country and foreign stores of Iranian samples are very high, but its production is low.

Is it useful to supply pistachios in flavored form? It is fascinating to know that it is the first producer of raw pistachios globally in terms of US production.

What are the best flavored pistachios?

Flavored pistachios is one of the primary products of pistachio. Its sales in the country and foreign stores of Iranian samples are very high, but its production is low.

Is it useful to supply pistachios in flavored form? It is fascinating to know that it is the first producer of raw pistachios globally in terms of US production. The quality of California products is deficient, and to solve this problem and to be able to market this product at a lower rate than in Iran, they flavor it completely.

Of course, this makes it possible to prepare what they are interested in for different tastes, and consequently, the sales of this product will increase.

The same is true in stores and nuts stores in Iran, which means that if flavored pistachios are offered in bulk, many customers can be attracted to this product.

In line with this issue, merchants have started to sell significant types of this Iranian products in domestic and foreign markets, which has led to significant sales growth. It can help create added value on domestic products.

It is clear that flavored pistachios are sold raw in every street and market, and their export is quickly done through well-known traders, which causes the groups that have just entered the pistachio market or low sales. They face a serious problem, especially a sharp decline in profitability, so to solve this problem, the same value creation can be used.

To know more about the types of flavored pistachios, we will explain them more in the following:

  1. Salt-flavored pistachios

One of the first, oldest, and most well-known types of processing related to flavored pistachios was salted pistachios’ production. This processing is very popular, and on the other hand, it is compatible with most tastes.

It also spends the least amount of time and money producing this type of flavor and often has good sales.

Export markets are also familiar with this type of roast and buy salty flavors in high volumes, so the initial sales of this type of processing are high, but the prices should be more competitive because, in many cases, the target country prefers raw pistachios. Buy and process at your point of sale to reduce costs as much as possible.

akbari pistachio

Akbari pistachio

You can buy it easily

  • Pepper-flavored pistachios

This taste is one of the most attractive among children and youth. Of course, in this type of processing, salt is also used, and sometimes to produce a product with a more exciting taste and quality, additives such as lemon ink and… It is also used to attract more tastes.

Sales of this type of flavor in large volumes and bulk in domestic markets and most nuts stores have flourished, and it should be noted that this product can also be used for packaging and to smaller markets such as supermarkets. As well as hotel stores offered.

  • Pistachio with saffron flavor

Saffron is one of the popular flavors in most Iranian foods due to its perfect color and interesting aroma. This type of roasting and processing is also very well known in ancient Iran, and saffron flavored pistachios can be found in almost all domestic stores.

For export, this product is used in a very high volume after the salt type. Especially the Arab countries, such as Iraq, are very interested in saffron-flavored roasts and flavored pistachios.

In this type, permitted additives are often used because natural saffron in large quantities makes the product bitter and damages it.

  • Vinegar-flavored pistachios

This flavor is one of the newest additives used for flavored pistachios, which is less seen in the market. The sour taste of food is more for particular tastes. However, for example, a country like Russia is interested in this taste, and a good market can be found in this country for this product.

Still, China is less interested in sour food, and this is Iran’s largest export to China of processed pistachios related to the salty taste.

ahmad aghaei pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio

You can buy it easily

Vegetable flavored pistachios

The category of vegetable, onion, and parsley additives mainly falls into this category and is completely new. This flavor has been used in the past for almonds.

However, it is also very interesting and tasty for flavored pistachios. Of course, this type is new for domestic markets because the United States, as a significant producer of flavored pistachios, has already taken many steps to produce this product and has been successful.

Along with all these mentioned additives, there are undoubtedly many other additives offered to different markets. Usually, from various additives, pure and delicious flavors can be created, depending on the taste. Has a manufacturer.

One of the points that can lead to more sales of these flavors is that this product can be introduced and offered to the customer with a product basket of different flavors.

Iran Pistachios

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