Pistachios effect on reducing damage to DNA

Pistachios health benefits are scientifically proved so that is why they are hugely consumed worldwide as a healthy food and snacks. Some health benefits of pistachios are heart health, blood sugar balance, lowering cancer risk, etc.

A journalist event was held in June, 2019, Hamburg, Germany and Thirty-five journalists and food bloggers attended there. Food-Trend Healthy Hedonist was the topic of discussion about the pleasurable effect of eating pistachios.

Another event was simultaneously held in Italy.  A desk-side visit was arranged by pistachio growers to share good news about two recent studies by the editorial offices of leading health and fitness publications.

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Reducing damage to DNA by adding two ounces of pistachios into a daily snacking routine was the result of one study. The second study indicates that pistachios contain a high amount of melatonin compared to other foods.

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