Reusing Pistachio Shells

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Reusing Pistachio Shells


  • Pistachio shells can be used as soil drainage in small or large scale. What you have to do in small scale is placing them at the bottom of pot before adding dirt. The can easily replace pebbles or other stones as a proper drainage to keep plants healthy.


  • If you are looking for a supplement to your garden mulch, pistachio shells are great choice. In order to provide the though shells, you can soak them in water overnight first.
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  • Having a compost bin is necessary for a serious gardener or just an eco-conscious person, so you should not throw pistachio shells out as they are helpful to turn the rest composed items into dirt.


  • Cats usually make for gardens or potted plants as they look for a place to relieve themselves. Pistachio sells can help you to cope with this issue. Just put them all around the plants to cover the dirt, so they will be prevented to dig in a get a little too cozy around your plants.


As a family business, Hiva Bazargan Pars Co.- which is a member of the Iranian Pistachio Association (IPA) – has been an active company in our country’s nuts field for more than 50 years. Currently, our focus is on exporting Iranian pistachios.
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