Good news for Iranian pistachio farmers.

Forecast of better Iran pistachio crop for next year

The head of the Agriculture Organization in northern province of Kerman talked about Iran pistachio:

“We expect that the next year will be a good year for Iranian pistachio producers.”

Abbas Saeedi, at the ISNA booth, on Fourth Press and Media Exhibition of Kerman Province, pointing to:

climate change over the past few years and said “climate change is too tangible”

iran pistachio forecast for 2019
iran pistachio forecast for 2019

He also mentioned “Climate changing has increased the temperature and reduced rainfall”

And said:

“Last year was a hard year for farming and animal husbandry in Kerman province, where more than 85% of the province faced severe drought”.


Kerman situation in pistachio farms

Head of Agriculture Organization of the northern province, considered Kerman province as one of the main agricultural center in Iran.

He pointed to the past crisis last year in the agricultural sector of the province, adding that:

“the excessive heat in April and the fluctuations temperatures in February unfortunately caused more than 90 percent of the province’s Iranian pistachios to be wasted”. And Due to climate change only 10000 tons’ pistachio left from 90000.

As a result of the untimely cold weather on 18, 19 and 20 April last year, about 18,000 tons of the Walnut spoiled.

Unfortunately, the temperature that increased in July and August also disappeared about 30,000 tons of the province’s date, while the drought caused the drying up and There were a lot of Qanats in the province.



Due to the last year’s April coldness About 18,000 tons of province walnuts were spoiled and, unfortunately, the temperature increase in July and August also destroyed about 30 thousand tons of province dates.

He spoke about the impact of climate change on the Animal Husbandry sector and said:

“climate change and droughts caused huge damage to the livestock and Animal Husbandry”.

Saeedi said :

Next year, Kerman province will rank first in pistachio production.

also said: “We expect the next year to be a fairly good year for pistachio producers”.

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