Green Iranian pistachio kernel


Green Iranian pistachio kernel

This type of  Iranian pistachio kernel  in Iran known as a twice shelled kernel, this  sort of  pistachios (pista) is very green.

In this type of green kernel, the red soft skin removed, that is why it has a completely green and uniform appearance. Almost 90% of the production of this kind of kernel  used for export.



The price of this kind of pistachio kernel is relatively high and the reason is that when the farmer picks up the pistachio soon, they are unripe (In Iran we call it “KALL Pistachio”) and it has lighter weight compare to rape pistachio so this will increase the price.

Quality of this product determined by its color, this means that the kernels which are greener, have the higher quality.

These kind of Iranian pista  kernels mostly exported to Italy, France, Germany and other countries.

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