Iranian Pistachios, Best pistachios in the world

Iranian pistachios are incredible. Thanks to its unique sunny climate that follows cold and rainy winters, Iran is celebrated worldwide for producing best premium pistachios. These pistachios are considered a luxury in countries like Japan and Germany. Interestingly, the English name “pistachio” comes from the Persian name “Pisteh,” which also means green almond. Iranian pistachios have many local names, each representing their region, quality, or shape. When it comes to forms, they fall into four primary groups.

Right now, Iran tops the list with the production of 270,000 metric tons of the best premium pistachios in the world. Iranian pistachios provide many benefits that set them apart from their competitors.

A superb chance is offered to customers within four primary commercial varieties. Furthermore, higher meat content provides better value for money. Iranian pistachios have a world-renowned flavor that is unparalleled.

Roasting Iranian pistachios at higher temperatures, made possible by their higher unsaturated oil content, enhances their taste advantage. This high-temperature roasting reduces any bacterial contamination that might exist in the raw product.

The Assortment of Iranian Pistachios

Curious Iranian farmers have created numerous varieties of pistachios on a small scale. Every decade or two, one of these types has proven beneficial in several aspects, leading other farmers to adopt it.

Some of these varieties have lasted long enough to become permanent and stable commercial varieties. Generally, all commercial varieties of Persian pistachios are split into two main types by shape: “long” and “round.”

  • Long: In this type of pistachio, the length ratio to the maximum width is more than 1.5.
  • Round: A pistachio type is called round if the length ratio to the maximum diameter is less than 1.5.

The local Pistacia vera trees produced long pistachios. An old farmer first developed the round-type pistachio in Rafsanjan, Iran, named Mr. Ohadi around 70 years ago. For example, some former varieties, Momtaz, and Sefid Peste are no longer produced.

There are various cultivars and varieties of Iranian pistachios. For example, “Fandoghi” (40% of pistachio orchards), “Ahmad-Aghaie” (12%), “Kaleh-Ghochi” (20%), and “Akbari” (15%). Each cultivar has its unique flavor and properties:

Fandoghi Pistachio (Round Pistachio)

This variety is the most widely available pistachio cultivar and grows in most pistachio-growing regions of Iran. Fandoghi is of the round type and has the lowest shape index among the four commercial varieties.

“Fandoghi” pistachios are very reasonable in price, so they are the first choice in terms of exportation. In Iranian Pistachios, we have this type:

  • Available Size (pcs/oz): 28-30, 30-32, 32-34

Kaleh Ghochi Pistachio (Jumbo Pistachio)

This cultivar is known for being large. It’s vulnerable to water shortage, and its leaves are complex. This variety of pistachios is sensitive to cold weather so it can be harvested in September.

The local name comes from the shape of this variety, which resembles a ram’s head. This type is popular for being large. Kaleh Ghochi (jumbo) pistachios are longer and bigger compared to round pistachios. The delicious taste of this nut is due to its high-fat content.

Why Iranian Pistachios Are the Best Pistachios in the World

Higher Kernel to In-Shell Ratio

Persian pistachios have a high meat-to-in-shell ratio, meaning you are getting more edible nuts for the same amount of pistachios you buy.

The entire single pistachio, shell and all, weighs about 0.02 ounces (0.57 grams), and the nutmeat or kernel of the Iranian pistachio — the part of the pistachio that you eat — makes up around 80% of that weight.


Roasting pistachios enhances their fragrance, taste, and crunchy texture. This process involves cooking using dry heat, which evenly cooks the food on all sides. While roasters usually roast most nuts without their shells, they often roast pistachios in their shells. During roasting, nuts lose some moisture, making a roasted nut weigh less than a raw one. This moisture loss results in a slightly higher fat content per ounce in roasted nuts. Roasters often choose Iranian pistachios, which are ideal for roasting at 160 to 180°C due to their higher unsaturated oil content. Proper roasting brings out the pistachio’s flavor and reduces any live bacteria in the roasted product.


The custom of breaking the pistachio out of its cream-colored shell is almost as enjoyable as the flavor itself. This remarkable flavor is characterized by its nutty, rich, and earthy taste.

The taste is almost impossible to describe, and there is no other ingredient like it. Due to the roast ability of Iranian pistachios, they are more delicious. For a long time, people worldwide have preferred the flavor of Iranian pistachios.

All four commercial types of Iranian pistachios have a tasty, rich, unique, and distinctive flavor. Some people claim Persian pistachios taste far superior to others.

Here are various factors why they taste better:

  • The soil is more fertile, including higher vibrations, which can affect the texture, taste, and quality.
  • Different areas of Earth have diverse electromagnetic frequencies, which also affect each product.
  • No pesticides, GMOs, or unnatural chemicals explain the fantastic taste of Iranian pistachios.


The high number of farmers, consumers, exporters, and importers of persian pistachios creates conditions of great business competition. As a result, better trading opportunities are available to those involved in buying and selling premium Iranian pistachios.

Green Gold

From ancient Persia to today, our country has maintained its position as the leading producer of nuts, particularly pistachios. As a family business and a member of the Iranian Pistachio Association (IPA), Iran Pistachios has been actively contributing to our nation’s nut industry for over 50 years. Currently, as a dedicated pistachio exporter, our focus at Hiva Nuts is on exporting Iranian pistachios.

We heavily invest in adhering to global pistachio production standards. Our experienced and highly qualified staff consistently delivers the best pistachio quality at a competitive price.

Our automated pistachio complex is uniquely efficient, featuring specialized lines for slivered pistachios, shelled pistachios, European-style roasted pistachios, and pistachio paste. At Hiva nuts company, we offer a diverse range of pistachio varieties, including Fandoghi pistachios, Kaleh Ghouchi pistachios, Ahmad Aghai, Akbari pistachios, and Badami pistachios. If you’d like to place an order, feel free to contact us to buy premium pistachios!

Our Outlook:

Quality, variety, trustworthiness, and integrity.

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