Pistachio situation in Iran

Pistachio situation in Iran

Iran pistachio and International pistachio production and trade is about 100 years old.

Iran’s pistachios are exported to nearly all countries of the world.

  • The construction of a pistachio garden is a long-term investment in which the farmer will risk investment at least for the next 15 years.
  • Annual pistachio production in Iran is estimated at an average of 200,000 tons.
  • Pistachio production last year was estimated at 225,000 tons , while production of this year is projected at 55,000 tons due to the unprecedented damage caused by the climatic conditions of the spring.

According to estimates, more than a million people in more than 15 provinces of the country    have income from the Iran pistachio industry.


Usually about 80 percent of Iran’s pistachio production is exported and 20 percent of it is consumed internally.

Due to the larger export market, the price of pistachios is determined by its price on the world ,Therefore, the domestic price of pistachios is always the result of multiplying its global price market by the rate of Rials against foreign currencies.



Export markets

Pistachios in the world are mainly exported in bulk, pistachio traders and sellers in the countries of destination, according to the taste of the market are, consumed, packed, marketed, and then sold it.

Pistachio production last year was 275,000 tons.This year’s production in the United States is estimated at 450,000 tons.

Return of export currency

Normaly, Iran’s pistachio farmer’s sales price is about 95% of the export price of pistachios by Iranian businessmen.

Also, the average margin of pistachio exporter’s profit is less than one percent of its export sales price. This means that 99 percent of the currency from the export of pistachios is paid back to the farmer to pay the farmer and cover export costs.

The return of foreign exchange from pistachio exports due to international political and banking sanctions has long been done only through the capillary network and informal network created between Iranian and foreign traders.

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