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Harvest of Iranian pistachio started one month ago, harvest time of pistachios are different on varieties and regions:

Iranian pistachio Varietal types are classified as:

(a) Long pistachio (Akbari ( Super long ) , Ahmad Aghaee , Badami )

(b) Round pistachio (Kale Ghuchi ( Jumbo ) , Fandoghi )

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Processing factories

Our processing factories are located next to the pistachio trees in pistachio growing regions in Iran.


The hardest part of work is buying pistachio , in Hiva Bazargan Pars  factories  we have experts how carefully buying pistachios ,you will be amazed when you see how we care about quality .


When fresh raw Iranian pistachio comes to the factory it goes for hulling process , after hulling we control moisture and it decrease to the standard level , we do it with special machine but also its available by sun ( sun dried).

As you can see on this video we show dried in shell pistachio processing machine how separate close mouth(un open) pistachios ,final production  will have less than 5% of close mouth pistachio also this machine separate pistachios that they are small (out of standard).

In next station we care about other pistachio quality elements , with high trained staff we separate unacceptable pistachios to above standard level.

We inspect pistachios in some elements such as stain , mould , insect ,foreign materials and we separate(as a rejection) unacceptable ones .


We have packing factory in Tehran province , Tehran is capital of Iran.

We transfer our processed pistachios for packaging and storage to this factory. we care about costumers packaging needs.

All customers around the world before buying from us can come and see our good product in our packaging factory , also when they buy ,before shipment they can come and inspect their order to be in a right place.

Fill free to contact us for your request.

Find us on whats-app +98 9129639642 or email us to :

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