Iranian Pistachio price Insight

Iranian pistachio insight

Iranian pistachio insight

This year was a bad year for Iranian pistachio for various reasons such as:

Iran pistachio bloom
Iran pistachio bloom
  1.  Inappropriate weather conditions
  2.  Water shortage
  3.  Inappropriate use of pesticides in previous years Across Iran,

there was a severe shortage of crop production, Estimates of this year are about 45-55 thousand tons and it’s almost the same from last year in stock,

so total available Iranian pistachio for 2018 is about 90 to 100 tones.

Pistachio quality

The quality of pistachios, especially the Fandoqi variety, is significantly better in compare with previous years, due to the low amount of each tree’s crop, pistachio trees had the proper nutrition.

Trade and export

Due to the sharp fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate and the fact that Iran’s pistachios are mostly exported, pistachio holders will not have much incentive to supply this product this year.

Consequently, exporters faced lots of risks, As

  1. Low supply
  2. High fluctuations of the dollar exchange rate
  3. Lack of proper financial
  4. Government sudden decisions in the area of currency and customs
  5. transport and insurance problems After new sanctions,
  6. truck strike strikes over the past few months

Along with low supply, there is no significant demand on the market, and the atmosphere in these days of the market is not good.

And businessmen are either observing the market or are happy about sudden profits or discomfort from overnight losses in these extreme fluctuations.


Chopped pistachio

Chopped pistachio

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about 45-55 thousand tons and it’s almost the same from last year in stock.

so total available Iranian pistachio for 2018 is about 90 to 100 thousand  tones.

Next year 2019 Iran pistachio crop forecast

The weather forecast indicates that Iran’s year 2019 will have a good rainfall,

Pistachio tree buds were very low in the last spring 2018, as a result, we saw very little pistachios crop.

A review of the status of pistachio trees  promise  lots of blooms in next year, we hope to have a good crop for next year.

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